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The BuildingCoach Playbook
A QuickStart Guide


Table of Contents

Introduction to the (Pilot) Program 
Introduction to the Pilot Program
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BuildingCoach’s innovative approach combines asynchronous training modules with live, customized coaching, pairing operators with experienced coaches who offer a guiding hand to help them optimize their buildings.

In this ultimate step in the process, learners are coached to identify issues with their own building  systems and BAS that require correction. They are taught to interpret prescribed trend charts (time series graphs of building system parameters) that can reveal opportunities for improved comfort,  health and/or energy efficiency. Individual coaching sessions will include learners from a small  number of buildings, ideally with at least two participants from each building, for motivation,  support and peer-to-peer learning. Learners will participate in five coaching sessions

On Coaching
About the BOCS

We’ve developed the Building Operator Coaching System, which streamlines the troubleshooting process for operators by providing access to The Reference Library, which offers invaluable energy equipment data from sample buildings. The BOCS also offers access to graphing technologies linked directly to your building equipment and a tracking sheet template for analyzing data and transcribing actionable solutions. 


All together, the BOCS offers a set of tools that can help identify low to no cost solutions that will make the greatest impact on energy usage and savings. 

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Asychronous vs. Synchonous Courses
Self-Guided Courses vs. Live Sessions

Take or re-take any course at your own time, place, and convenience.​​

Learn at your own pace​

No need to wait for the company to organize a training session to learn a new skill.​

Retake courses periodically to reinforce learning.


Upon completion of the self-guided sequence, learners will be scheduled into their live instructor-led training sessions.  These include 2 orientation sessions at 2.5 hours each and 5 coaching sessions.  

The Live sessions sequence starts with two training sessions, in which principles are reviewed and orientation materials are provided for the live coaching sessions. During the live coaching sessions you'll have the opportunity to report on findings and actions in your facility based on your interpretation of the trend-chart data delivered to you. Observations and actions will be recorded onto a shared class log sheet.

Your Roadmap to the Certificate of Completion
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Install equipment that will securely send your building information into the cloud. This will ensure that your equipment usage data is being recorded, graphed, and made accessible to you at any time and from any place. 

Upload building materials - including control documents, mechanical drawings, and sequences of operation - to BuildingCoach where they’ll be organized and matched up with your connected systems data.

12 core self-guided courses that focus on 7 core topics: Maintenance, Scheduling, Loop Tuning, Reset Control, Variable Speed Control, Outside Air Control, and Electrical Load Management.  Self-guided allows you to learn at your own pace and return to courses when you need a refresh.

Once you complete your 12 core courses, you can select up to 6 elective courses from our course offerings. Electives let you learn at a more advanced level about specific topics more closely related to the work you do. As you enroll in courses, they will display on your home panel, which also includes the ability to track your progress and your time spent in training.



After you complete your 18 self-guided courses, you’ll unlock the live sessions, which include 2 training sessions and 5 coaching sessions. The coaching sessions will focus on your uploaded building documents and the cloud data you’ll have collected for 16 weeks. With your coaches, you learn to tailor solutions to your building’s unique needs.

You'll know how to work with your connected systems more efficiently and effectively; how to troubleshoot your equipment; better manage your building, and how to repair and integrate technology into your daily operation and maintenance practice. Congratulations!

Securely transfer your data to the cloud

Organize your documents

Complete your self-guided courses

Access your live sessions 






Receive your Certificate of Completion

Your Roadmap to the Certificate of Completion
The Basics of BuildingCoach
The Basics of BuildingCoach
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Menu Bar

Accessing the BuildingCoach homepage

Under "More," you can access additional resources, including this document and the BuildingCoach homepage

Changing your profile picture

Clicking Your Name will open a menu of items associated with your profile, including courses, groups, branches, etc. You can also edit your bio and profile picture under "My Info"

Sending a private message

Messages allows you to send and receive private messages, similar to email. 

Logging out

To Log out of your BuildingCoach profile, click the arrow button to the far right.


Progress Bar

Can my "training time" indicate how close I am to finishing?

Each asynchronous course should take between 20-30 minutes to complete. This is a total training time of about 8 hours distributed over 13 weeks. This time can vary, however, depending on how much time it personally takes you to effectively learn from and complete each course. Use "training time" to evaluate how long it takes you to move through courses and more effectively schedule your training time. 

Do my "courses not passed" affect my Certificate of Completion?

You are not barred from the Certificate of Completion if you fail any of your asynchronous courses. Rather, the asynchronous courses are set up to give you the tools you need for the Live Coaching sessions. Without a good grasp of what the asynchronous courses are teaching you, you will not able to fully reap the benefits of your BAS and the trend charts.

What does "courses in progress" mean?

It's easy to think that "courses in progress" counts the number of courses you've actually started, but, in fact, the number counts how many courses you're currently enrolled in. To qualify for the Live Coaching sessions, you must have at least 18 courses in progress and 18 courses completed (12 core + 6 elective).


Course Panel

How can I tell which courses are completed and which still need work?

To the right of each course title, you'll find a progress bar. This bar will indicate progress in increments of 25%. Once the courses is completed, the green bar will fill in completely and read "COMPLETED". If a bar turns red and reads "NOT PASSED", this means the course is complete, but you might want to retake the course to cover any materials you didn't understand the first time. 

I can't find a course I need

Your course panel will be incomplete until you finish enrolling in courses. You can do that by searching the Course Catalog for electives you're interested in taking. Once you find a course you like, click "Get this course" and it'll be added to your course panel. 

How do I search for a course I'm already enrolled in? 

If you know the name of the course you're looking for, you can use the search bar above the Progress Bar to find the course. Alternatively, you can re-order your courses by Name, Date, Status, and Last Accessed by clicking the layers button           to the far right of the search bar. 

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Learner Hub

What other courses are available to enroll in?

Course Catalog shows you all of BuildingCoach's existing courses, including those you've already enrolled in as well as those you've yet to. Here, you can see the titles and descriptions of all available courses and select courses you'd like added to your Course Panel. Once a course is on your Course Panel, you can begin the course.

How can I learn more about my progress?

The Progress page will give you a more in-depth analysis of your progress through BuildingCoach, compared to the Progress Bar on the homepage. Here you can see you activity charted across multiple weeks, and you can see you progress compared to that of others. The Progress page is important for helping you tailor your asynchronous learning schedule to your unique needs. For example, you can set goals to complete two courses each week and use the Progress page to evaluate whether you've met this goal or if you have the flexibility to create more feasible or ambitious goals. 

I've been asked to join a new group, but I'm not sure how.

The Join Group tab can give you access to a separate set of courses tailored to the topic of the group. In order to join a group, you need a special group key, which once entered, will give you access to the courses you need. 

How can I start a public discussion with my peers?

On the discussion page, you’ll be able to view previous discussion started by other users, respond to discussions already in progress, and create a new discussion if you find that your question or topic hasn’t already been created. If you want to add to a discussion already in progress, all you have to do is click the topic and an instant chat page will pop up. In the comment box, you can enter your question or comment, and clicking “comment” will send the response. Alternatively, Clicking “new topic” will prompt you to identify your topic. Your topic should be around 3 key words, and your description should offer your topic more specificity. Before posting, you can adjust the privacy settings of your topic in the bottom left dropdown menu. This allows you to select between all BuildingCoach users, a select few users, or to just keep the topic private. 

How can I keep track of the dates and times of my upcoming Live
Coaching sessions?

With Calendar, you can view all upcoming events, including your Live Coaching sessions. Clicking on an event in your calendar, will up pull details about the events, as well as provide Zoom links if the event is virtual. 

Anatomy of your buildingcoach dashboard
Tracking Your Progress
Create infrographics that record and present your progress

Your training infographic makes it really easy to see and understand your activity in a way that can help you improve your performance, tailor your training schedule, and recognize your areas of growth.

Your completion overview

See how many courses you've completed up to a specific date and compare your progress over time. 

Training Time can help you create a schedule for success

Are you meet your goal of dedicated 45 minutes to BuildingCoach per week? Do you find that you're more active on Wednesday compared to Fridays? Are you finding that some courses are being completed more quickly than others?

Observing your Training Time is essential for creating a training schedule that guarantees your success.

Your Pass and Completion Rates aren't always going to be the same 

It's important to keep track of how much you're learning from your asynchronous courses. You can use Training Time in conjunction with Course Completion Rate to determine whether you should be dedicating more time to individual courses in order to understand all the concepts fully. 

The more badges you earn, the closer you get to the Certificate

You earn one badge per every course completed. You can also use the badges to compare your progress to others'.

The more badges you earn, the closer you get to the Certificate

There are multiple opportunities to be #1. You can complete the more courses, have the most challenging courses, or be the first finished with the program. Ultimately, these comparisons help you gauge how much time you're putting into BuildingCoach.

Tracking Your Progress
Uploading Your Building Documents
Uploading Your Building Documents    

Course Panel 

"102 Your Facility"

Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 11.17.23 AM.png


Complete the short survey

Please complete the short survey to give us some basic information about your facility.


Upload your files

You can upload your facility files by dragging and dropping them into the "Facility File Drop Area." Most commonly used document file formats are supported.


What happens once I upload my files?

Once you upload your facility files we will securely store them, sort them by facility and give password-protected access to them so you can consult them at any time or during live training and live coaching sessions. We use an integration of Box for document collection and management. Once you are given access to your facility files you will be able to locate them in the "Files" section as well as in your Live Training and Live Coaching sessions.


What is my data used for?

Building Coach uses collected data and documents solely for supporting your participation in learning activities and especially the live coaching sessions. Please consult our Data Collection Policy for more information.

Enrolling in Courses 
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Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 12.12.00 PM.png
Enrolling in Courses
Messages v.s Discussions
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Discussions are a great way to engage all BuildingCoach participants, including coaches, with interesting questions. Think of this section as a forum where you can gather different people’s responses to specific questions. 

You can access the discussion page by clicking the discussion tab to the right your course panel. 

On the discussion page, you’ll be able to view previous discussions started by other users. You can respond to discussions already in progress and you can create a new discussion if you find that your question or topic hasn’t already been created. 


Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 12.51.49 PM.png

Messages, like email, default to a limited contact list, usually reserved for exchanges between one or a few people. 


You can access your received and sent messages at the top menu bar, next to your name. Here, you'll be given the option to "Go to inbox" or "Send message."


If you choose "Go to inbox", but decide you'd like to send a new message instead, you can find the "Send message" button duplicated at the top of your inbox page. 


If, however, you choose to send a message then decide you'd like to check your inbox first, canceling your message at the bottom of the page will take you straight there. 

(Private) Messages vs. (Public) Discussions
Contacting Support
Contacting Support
Downloading the Mobile App
Downloading the Mobile App

Logging Into the TalentLMS App:

1. Once TalentLMS is open, it will ask you to enter a domain.


Then click Next.

2. Just above the login credentials you'll see a dropdown menu for Branch.

Change the Branch to: etrain 

3. Once "etrain" is selected, type your login credentials: Username OR Email + Password

4. Click Sign In to access your courses

Accessing Your Trend Charts
Grafana 101
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