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Course Structure

Course Structure

The BuildingCoach program will require 35 hours of class time (asynchronous and synchronous) across a four-to-six-month period, from initial qualification steps to completion, plus preparation and project work. 

Participants will be required to complete nine core modules and nine elective modules, selected with guidance based on the systems and equipment in their buildings and where they think they can best pursue performance improvements under coaching. Each of the 24 modules can be completed in 20-30 minutes; the initial asynchronous sequence will require 6-10 hours of participant time. 

Upon completion of the asynchronous sequence, participants will be scheduled into live, instructor-led training and coaching. This sequence will span seven 2.5-hour sessions (two training and five coaching) over a 12-week period, for a total time commitment of 17.5 hours of synchronous class time, plus additional time for reporting and project work in their facilities. Pilot participants will be asked to complete an additional program evaluation survey as part of our development process.

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