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An Online Training and Coaching Platform for Building Operators and Managers

Launching in 2022

Enhance Your Building

Operator Practice

Achieve the next level of low-energy performance in building automation.


Experienced and skilled building operators work with BuildingCoach and our team of industry experts to identify low-to-no cost enhancement solutions.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Operators train at their own pace, time place, and convenience. 

Over thirty 25-minute modules focus topics, such as HVAC, data interpretation, electric demand/load management, and more, that allow operators to learn and refresh skills.

Collaborate with Our  Building Coaches

Meet with building Coaches to analyze your building data and identify tailored solutions.


Five coaching sessions will teach operators how to interpret their building systems' trend charts, which can reveal opportunities for improved comfort, health and efficiency. 

Become An A+ Building Operator

Be a valuable asset for your organization by continuing to grow and learn.

Operators who complete the program will learn how to identify no-to-no cost solutions for energy efficiency and optimizing building automated system performance.


Developed by a team of industry experts and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, BuildingCoach’s innovative curriculum guides operators to apply what they’ve learned through asynchronous training and live coaching to their buildings. 

BuildingCoach trains operators in best-in-class control sequences, including monitoring and dynamic set-point resets developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

35 hours over 4-6 months:

The BOCS Setup

The Building Operator Coaching Solution (BOCS) allows you to track your equipment and save money where it counts.

Week 2-12

Coaching & Completion

Together we look at your building’s trends to devise low-cost, long-term solutions.

Week 1

Asynchronous Training

A tailored curriculum of self-guided and self-paced modules focusing energy management.

Week 13-16

Online Tutorial


*Testimonials are from building operators and managers who have taken previous course offerings from the developers of BuildingCoach

“The trend data on hand was key to troubleshooting  plants.”

“Great class, a big eye opener.”

“The teamwork and insight were the best parts of the course."

"All the instructors were very attentive which made the course easier and an amazing experience"

"Thank you for everything Paul and his staff! Extremely helpful and I learned something new every class"



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