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Coming Spring 2022

We’re recruiting up to 100 senior operating engineers for a free pilot scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2022. Participants in the pilot will be the first to experience BuildingCoach’s innovative approach to advanced building operations training, and will get it all for free (after the pilot, there will be a tuition model in place).

The initial target for the program is advanced building operators who have direct supervisory roles over staff, equipment, and operations – those who may have tapped out existing continuing education offerings and are looking for a steppingstone to state-of-the-art controls and sustained low-energy performance.

Where possible we encourage participating organizations to send two or more operators per facility or campus so that they can be coached together and implement improvements as a team.

The HR manager is interviewing job applicants. She is reviewing the eligibility of applica


There are two components of eligibility for the pilot program: participating operators must have a high skill level (described in more detail below) and their buildings must have appropriate building automation system (BAS) capabilities, especially for data sharing.

In order for instructors/coaches to view system data and guide operators in real time, participating buildings will be required to install VOLTTRON devices and share limited BAS data with Building Coach. Detailed information about building system requirements and the data-sharing component will be published as pilot recruitment begins in fall 2021.

Eligible operators’ understanding of building systems and building system controls should be at least that of an individual with a Level 1 Building Operator Certification. They should have a working knowledge of their building systems, including how to operate and maintain it, especially via a BAS that includes building system schematics that display real-time sensor values as well as a way to change set points. We expect most eligible participants will work in more sophisticated facilities: hospitals, campuses, and large commercial. 

Next Steps

If you’re interested in taking part in the pilot, please contact us. We will be in touch in Q4 2021 and begin registering eligible participants in early 2022. The program will begin in spring 2022 and continue through the year. Not all participants will be in the first cohort, so if you would prefer to take part in later sessions in summer or fall 2022, please let us know

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