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Uploading your building documents

Step 1 | Collect your building documents

Start by gathering your required Control Documents and Mechanical Drawings.

Required documents:

  1. Control Documents:

    • Sequence of Operations​

    • Points List

    • Screenshots of BAS Schematics

  2. Mechanical Drawings:

    • ​Schematics of HVAC​​

    • As-Builts

  3. Additional Recommended:

    • Commissioning Reports of Major Equipment Installs / Commissioning Tests​

    • Building System Surveys / Equipment Inventories / Energy Audits

Step 2 | Scan your building documents

Use a scan app, like Adobe Scan or the iPhone Notes app, to quickly scan documents with your phone. Email the files to yourself and save them to your computer. 

Step 3 | Login

Look for the login button in the top right corner. Enter the email and password you used to register.

Step 4 | Upload your building documents

  1. Click your profile name now visible in the top right corner of the web page. ​

  2. Click My BOCS in the dropdown menu.


   3. Select Building Docs on the My BOCS page.

   4. Search for and click your facility's name in the Files list.

   5. Click                          to upload​

  • Upload only Excel Spreadsheets, PDFs, JPEG/PNG images, and Word Documents.

  • You will not be able to upload Google Drive files or links.

   6. Wait for a confirmation message to pop up at the top of the screen before exiting your folder. 


Step 5 | Install the BOCS​​​

Make sure that your BOCS device has been installed. You can find installation instruction here.​ 

Step 1| Collect your building documents
Step 2 | Scan your building documents
Step 3| Login
Step 4| Upload your building documents
Step 5| Install the BOCS device
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