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Online energy training, 
affordable solutions. 
Measurable results.

BuildingCoach helps building owners meet their energy goals by training operators to identify low-to-no cost solutions.

Why BuildingCoach works

Data-backed solutions

BuildingCoach observes the trends of your BAS to offer solutions tailored to your building.

Professional coaching

Meet with industry professionals for data readings and energy solutions that are guaranteed to be accurate and effective.


Improve your building operations from anywhere and at any time. Our trainings are flexible, accessible, and feasible. 

Online training

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BuildingCoach boosts operator
performance & value

Operators who complete the program become valuable assets to their organizations by gaining specialization in key areas - including HVAC, SOO, electrical demand/load management, commissioning for retrofits.

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"All the instructors were very attentive which made the course easier and an amazing experience."

Our team has been supporting building operators for a little over a decade now to support not only our cities, but also empower our operators to know their value. 


BuildingCoach trains in building energy best practices.

Energy Managers who complete the program gain access to BuildingCoach's data technology, trend charts, and tracking sheets for an entirely new and more effective way of managing your building's energy efficiency.


How our program works

Developed by a team of industry experts and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, BuildingCoach trains operators in best-in-class control sequences, including monitoring and dynamic set-point resets developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

35 hours over 4-6 months:

Record your data

The Building Operator Coaching Solution (BOCS) allows you to chart your equipment-use trends.

Start your training

Complete a tailored curriculum of self-guided and self-paced modules focusing energy management.

Get coached

Together we look at your building’s trends to devise low-cost, long-term solutions.

Week 1

Week 2-12

Week 13-15


Our coaches can continue to work with you to maintain optimal, long-term performance.

Join BuildingCoach today

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